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Confidence in the Promotion and New Season

Happy Saturday friends! Today I want to talk about confidence in God especially during a new season and a season of promotion. Have you ever found yourself mesmerized by the thought of being able to fully walk boldly in your purpose of the gift that God has given you? The excitement and joy that it brings to one day be able to fully live out the life that God has not only showed you but promised you.

I want to talk about my experience over the past few years. God has always showed me bits and pieces of things that I'm not only passionate about but things that I've always dreamed of doing. The comfort in knowing that these very things are things that God truly orchestrated and wants for my life. I found myself overtime often getting discouraged because I felt like my time was never coming. I would see people over and over again living out the very things that God showed me for myself, but it seemed that I was always in the waiting season. One thing that I have learned is patience and faithfulness in the moments that God is growing you, challenging you, maturing you, and transforming you. I look back on all the times that I thought I was ready to do all of the things God showed me, and I realized that I really wasn't. My faithfulness in times of doubt and frustration kept me. I held on to what God showed me. I prayed for encouragement when I didn't feel the most qualified and God saw me.

I also learned that God was showing me how to be fruitful in the areas that are appointed to my purpose. I spent the past few years dibbling and dabbling here and there into all of the things that God said would be a part of my purpose. There are some things that I still haven't gotten to, but the top 3 I have actively learned the top and bottom. I'm realizing now that I was in training. God was training me for the promotion. He's been training me for this new season. I fumbled so many times, I was often confused and felt counted out. I see clearly now though the purpose and plan of the journey that I'm still walking. I'm grateful for the fruit that it is producing as well.

So many people will read this with disappointment because they may not know what their purpose is. They may feel empty and feel lost. However I want to encourage you to continue to walk the journey. God will direct you and show you in due time. I believe that God is opening the eyes of many and revealing the answers to the many questions of purpose. While you're waiting though, be a student and learn. Let God guide and teach you. Don't throw in the towel because you are not forgotten. God knows what you need and He knows what you're capable of. Continue to work in the area that excites your heart and ignites passion.

My prayer today is that we not only have confidence in ourselves but that we have confidence in God. I pray that we will hold on to God's promises even if it seems like it's taking years. I pray that we don't measure God's goodness with time but that we give praise to God for His faithfulness that keeps us. I pray that a new level of confidence is placed on the inside of us. I pray that we never feel forgotten by God but that we trust He will make a way for His promises to be fulfilled like He said they would.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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