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Hands Off

Happy Saturday friends! I want to start this post off by asking a simple question, and that is...are you controlling? Of course many of us will read this and say "no". However, all of us have found ourselves in a manner of trying to control certain areas in our life.

One revelation that came to my mind was how much we say that we want God you move in our life or in our situation but we don't give Him the space to do so. It made me realize that that's where trust come in. We can say we trust God but we all know that's easier said than done when God doesn't move how we imagine or think. We begin to try to control the narrative and put our hands all over everything that God is making right for us.

I've wondered personally how many times God had to re-tailor what He is doing in my life due to me doing too much, having my hands all in and trying to "make" things happen. God doesn't need our help in bringing His promises for our life to pass. All He needs from us is for us to trust Him and obey.

Could you imagine what things in our life would look like if we took our hands off whatever it is we're trusting God about or for and put our faith on? What does faith really look like? Does it look like imperfect people controlling our narrative our is it trusting the perfect God to let it all work out in our favor?

God knows all of our desires, our hopes and dreams. He knows what we're yearning for. God knows and hears every prayer, He's counted every tear. He's noted every sleepless night. He knew about every setback and every attack. God knows it all and still has a plan. He still has an outcome and that's what we have to know and believe.

Today I want to challenge you to take your hands off and trust God. Take your hands off and increase your faith. Take your hands off and believe freely with no worry or doubt.

My prayer today is that we will give God back control. I pray that our faith and trust will increase as our meddling in God's business and plans decrease. I pray that we will often be reminded of who God is and that He's moving on our behalf.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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