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Make Music For Peace: A Movement

As we know 2020 has been a tough year so far, especially for the black community. I love how the nation is coming together as best as they can in unity and support of the black community and the hardships that we face. What I love even more is the exposure of the many black businesses, companies, creatives and more whose hard work and talents are being highlighted for the world to see. As someone who is huge on supporting others I always make it my business to support my black brothers and sisters any chance that I get.

The company that I want to share with the world today is Intertwined Entertainment which was started in my very hometown of Detroit, MI. So for all my creatives in the city, this production company is for you! Intertwined Entertainment is a black owned multi-media production company started by its CEO Mr. Joshua May also known as JMC in 2016. JMC is a talented rapper, entrepreneur, producer, and social influencer who has a passion and heart for the black community. Intertwined Entertainment specializes in providing quality professional music and marketing services to recording artist, and those aspiring to step into the creative scene musically. Their goal and purpose is to create, develop, and grow music artist, businesses, and creatives. This prestige production company is keen on working with artist from all music genres.

In light of everything that has been going on Intertwined Entertainment stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement and has developed a great initiative called Make Music For Peace. The main goal of this movement is to allow voices that have often been silenced, finally heard. We all know that music has a way of translating and getting a message across and that's their goal, to be able to tell the story of what's going on currently in our country through music. Music brings peace and unity and this is such a great way to bring unity to our nation.

Intertwined Entertainment is inviting all artists and songwriters to their studios located in Detroit, MI and Lansing, MI to record a song with them for 100% free! Their distribution will make sure that your work will be sent out to the masses on all streaming platforms. Intertwined Entertainment wants to allow all recording artist(s) from every genre to express themselves creatively on how they feel about what's happening in the world from the pandemic, to police brutality, racism, etc. This company values the voice of the black community and wants to make sure that our voices are heard! If you're anything like me and you love music or are a creative support this production company! If you're an artist make sure you take part in this movement and this great opportunity! I'm rooting for unity and greatness to be brought to the black community!

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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