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Happy Saturday friends! As I woke up this morning I was going back and forth about if I should make a post today or not. I figured why not and share what's on my heart. This week has been such an amazing week for me. It's truly something to know that God loves you but to tangibly feel His love is something indescribable. In all this God has been revealing to me and reminding me about His mercy. Earlier this year on a different platform I spoke about how we often take God's mercy for granted. Something that we may not mean to do but it's because of the lack of knowledge and how we have perceived what God's mercy really means.

We often approach God's mercy as when we mess up because His mercy and grace is new every day we don't get what we truly deserve. We often forget or really don't mention about how God removes His mercy and grace in other terms it runs out when we're truly out of order. We all have intentionally done things we knew we weren't supposed to do on the bank of God's mercy and that has been the error in the path of which we have walked for so long. I believe that we omit talking about the removing of God's mercy and grace because it would "damper" the message that we share often about God being love. I've become aware that a lot of us can't understand how God can be and is love but He's also a just God too. We lack the understanding that the parts of God aren't interchangeable. In other words we can't have one part of God without having the other parts that come with Him. We have gotten into this idea that we can have the God of love without having the God of judgement, but it simply doesn't work that way.

God's mercy is the window, the opportunity, the chance for us to correct our heart posture. The chance for us to repent and to make the necessary changes in our lives so that we are in line with God's will for our lives. As God has given us free will to choose it's our choices that ultimately creates the circumstances in our lives rather good or bad. Next time when you think about or even thank God for His mercy take time to ask God what area is it in my life that you are giving me mercy for and what is it that I need to make right or simply just change.

My prayer today is that we open our hearts to understand the true heart of God. I pray that we won't get confused by the idea of God that we misunderstand the truth about God due to lack of knowledge. I pray that we will have a revelation of who God is not based off fear, perverted interpretation from the world but instead from true encounters with God.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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