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Visions Into Reality

Has God ever given you series and sequences of events in a vision? Now I know God shows everyone things in different ways so the answer may be different for many people. For me He has shown me so many things in snippets of visions. The most mind blowing thing about it for me is that the very things that I dream of doing, having, and desire for for a great portion of my life God has showed me those very things will be in my future. There are moments where it seems like it's taking forever to experience these desires or that life is getting in the way of me actually experiencing and living through these moments. Let me tell you this God's promise and will for our lives will always preponderate anything that tries to get in the way. One thing that evokes my faith and spirit is when God reminds me of the visions He showed me and the plans for my life. I get this fire burning up in my heart and I find myself daydreaming of what it will be like when I accomplish not only everything that God said I would do but everything that I am passionate about accomplishing. It's a level of excitement that sometimes words can't express.

I'm learning in such a prodigious way that trusting God with everything including time is so important. There are moments where I see others flourishing in similar vocations as I aspire to do and I get so overwhelmed because I simply don't always know where to start. From the outside looking in, it looks so easy when other people do it. I often times can get into my own head and let overthinking put a halt on the very thing that God has shown me that I can successfully do as well. I believe this is where trust comes back into play for me because so many times I underestimate how much I can do but then there are those times where I do way more than I can handle. A saying that stays with me often is the saying "what God has for me will never pass me by." That saying is true and something that I have to remind myself of in those moments where I allow reality to get in the way of my faith.

I share this journey because in many times where I question if I'm qualified, ready or adequate to take on the very things that God has shown me it's in those very moments where God will reply the visions and remind me of what He has promised and shown me. He re-ignite the fire and awaken the excitement that has always been there. He reminds me that those very desires turned visions will be my reality. I was meant for greatness and knowing that God has a special unique plan for my life is reassuring and gives me peace.

Today I want to remind you that God has a special plan for your life and He created you in a unique manner for that very plan and purpose! Seek God about your future and continue to dream BIG! Don't let the trials of life hold you back. Keep learning, growing, connecting, dreaming, and praying for your future.

My prayer today is that we won't go another day in life not knowing what God's will and plan is for our life but that God will show us, prepare us and equip us for the very life that He has created for us. I pray that our future is bright and that we will not lack in any area of our life. I pray God's protection over our future and everything that we are working towards or even dreaming about doing.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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