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Distractions: What’s In Your Way?

Happy Saturday friends and happy March! We're already in the last month of the first quarter of the year. I don't know about anyone else but the beginning of this year has been rather different atleast for me. I've noticed more distractions popping up in my everyday responsibilities.

As I often like to make sure that I'm spending intimate time with God, I've noticed lately that it has been looking differently lately. It's almost like everything takes extra effort yet I'm not doing things that would necessarily tire me out. Interestingly enough I always feel tired or simply overstimulated by the end of each day.

As I paint this picture I realized at some point that I had been experiencing distractions in all of the areas where God has put in my life and on my heart to focus on. In this I also realized that's exactly what happens before God allows you to walk into that favor, promise, blessing etc. Not everything is the devil but it would be just like him to get you unfocused and distracted because why would he want you to be blessed? Why would he want you to walk in who God has created you and called you to be? He wouldn't. It's that simple.

I share this because we have to be on alert. We have to keep ourselves sharp and in the face of God so that we're not missing what God is saying and doing specifically in our individual lives. It's so easy to see things broadly in a world view it congregational view, but what is God saying specifically about your life? What is God specifically doing in your life? Do you know? Have you heard or are you distracted?

I want to challenge you to ask yourself what's in your way? Is it social media? Is it sleep? Is it lack of preparing and planning? What's in your way?

God doesn't want us to miss a beat in what He's doing personally and publicly in our lives. God wants us to be ready and stay ready, He wants us to hear Him. We often have moments where we're saying "God isn't speaking, He's not doing..." but have we been speaking to Him? Have we been "doing" spending time and just simply being real with God?

My prayer today is that we be aware of the distractions that have come or may come. I pray that we will have wisdom and eyes to see and the knowledge to adjust. I pray that we grow intimately with God and that our ears will be open to hear Him and that our hearts will be open to receive Him.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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