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Waiting on God

Happy Saturday friends! It’s wild that we’re already in May right? Lately I’ve been reminded so much of things God was preparing me for around this time last year that are beginning to or is moving in motion this year. So many exciting things I’m looking forward to.

As I’m preparing myself in a different way than I was last year I’ve noticed that last year I was physically preparing for what I’m believing God for and this year I’m simply waiting on God to say yes or go. Waiting on God isn’t always easy but it truly teaches us patience and trust. Another thing is it stretches your faith. Sometimes things happen so fast you wonder if you’re making the right decision or if you’ve even sought God long enough for the answer, or peace and clarity and all He wants you to do is step out on faith.

Every new journey is different from the last and that’s why we wait on God. What He instructs us to do in one moment may be different from the next. It’s important to have an active and consistent relationship with God so that we become familiar with His way of communication to us. We want to always be where God wants us to be and not where we think we should be. Waiting on God could feel like He’s ignoring or passing us up. Atleast that’s what it has been feeling like to me, but I had to look deeper into why I felt that way. It’s not because He’s forgetting me, He’s simply teaching me how to trust Him.

What does trusting God and having faith look like? It looks like letting go of my hold and control. It’s taking that step out on the water with my eyes fixed on Jesus like Peter. When Peter trusted Jesus he walked on water with Jesus the moment he doubted and took his eyes off Jesus he began to sink. My goal is to walk and not sink. Again it’s not always easy but with our eyes fixed on Jesus our trust and faith grows stronger, knowing that God will never fail us.

My prayer today is whatever we’re believing God for or waiting on God to give a go to, I pray that we have the trust and faith to match our request. I pray that we will keep our eyes fixed on Jesus in the waiting. I pray that we won’t doubt or get impatient and move ahead of God. I pray that we wait and wait well.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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