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God is Here

Happy Saturday everyone! This week has been a busy yet productive and great week for me. Outside of the weather finally beginning to break in Michigan which has been extremely helpful for my mood. I can say that as the years go by Spring has become one of my favorite seasons. It has become a time where God speaks in such profound manners to me and I’m often left in awe.

As I mentioned in past post the first quarter of the year was different for me but the second quarter has truly been on the up and up spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. This week I’ve been really intentional about how I’m spending my quality time with God and it has made such a difference in my days and weeks. After many conversations the greatest thing that God made known to me was that He is here.

There are many times in life where we go through things and some things can be out of our hands in the natural. It forces us to put our full faith and trust in God where everything operates in His hands. It can be hard because our natural mind will try to make it seem as though God has went away or left us in our time of despair. It’s in those moments where we have to remind ourselves of God’s word that says He will never leave or forsaken us. In fact Deuteronomy 31:6 tells us to be strong and courageous. It tells us to not be afraid because God goes WITH us. He won’t leave or forsake us.

God wants the best for His children. He doesn’t want us in anguish or despair. He wants us to obtain peace and the fullness of everything that He has given to us as our Father. Remember there’s an adversary who doesn’t want to see us win. In those moments where the attacks seem heavy know that God is with you and He’s fighting for you.

My prayer today is that God will show in a profound way that He is with us. I pray that we continue to remember and know that God is here with us and that He has not left us. I pray that God will show in monumental ways that He is fighting for us in ever battle we face.

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