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It Pays to Obey

Happy Saturday friends! It's been such an amazing week in Christ for me. As I write that I realized that I have never really said that before and how it has encouraged me to have more days, weeks, months, and years with this feeling. I wanted to share this morning a few take away's that I learned this week and how loving God is.

My week started off with me simply watching a sermon that my best friend sent me, she told me that it was timely and that I should watch it. Ironically it was a sermon that I already planned on watching. I remember seeing the new series being announced on social media and the title had me thinking that it was about something else, however when I listened it was about something completely different but something that I indeed needed to hear. After I finished the sermon that amount of peace and comfort I felt in Christ lasted me for a few days. I was on this high in Christ. I felt seen by God. I remember saying to myself "God you're El Roi, the God who sees me."

Moving forward to the middle of the week I was at church and it was giving time. I had a natural vision moment when it came to giving because I was looking at what was in my bank account and I said "I gave my 1st fruits I can wait." Immediately the Lord said give what you usually give during mid week service and so I obeyed and I immediately had this thought that someone will bless me with some money out of my obedience. An hour later that very thing happened. It reminded me that it pays to obey.

Towards the end of the week I ran into a situation that God had already previously told me how to handle and in the beginning I obeyed even though I didn't fully understand. I then went and undid what God told me to do and then went back and redid what He told me to do all to be in this place of not feeling accepted, something I could've avoided if I would've just obeyed and went on with my life. I just always have to know the why's to everything and that is what I'm learning that I need to let go of. God is still working with me in that area lol.

I share these moments because I realized that God will really show up in amazing ways in our obedience. God will be everything you need Him to be and more in and out of obedience but He shows up mightily when we are obedient to Him and when we seek Him. God will never leave nor forsake us but the manner in how He shows up is dependent on us. We shouldn't always want to experience God getting us out of messes we made. We should want to experience that God who also gives more when we are obedient to Him.

What is God telling you to do? Are you willing to live an obedient life in Christ? I'm challenging you to obey God in all that He tells you and keep track of how He shows up.

My prayer today is that we live an obedient life and that we realize and learn the character of who God is!

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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