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Keep Going

Happy Saturday! This week has been one there of a rollercoaster for me. I've found myself a tad bit overwhelmed and honestly just flat out tired physically. Let's be real sometimes managing life as an adult can be a bit much.

When you think about all the ways you can live a fulfilling life such as doing things like going to the gym daily, praying daily, self care, meeting job requirements, etc it can easily seem like there's not enough time in a day. You can get to a place where you feel you're not doing enough or become discouraged. We've all been there.

I want to encourage you today to simply keep going. You can't give up even though that may feel like the best option that will relieve stress and anxiousness, however that's not always the case. Knowing that you are built for the life given to you. You can overcome. Give yourself grace and take one day at a time. As a person who tends to be hard on herself, I'm actively learning how to genuinely give my best and make adjustments as I go. It's been a continuous journey but as I keep going I'm showing myself that I can persevere.

My prayer today is that we all keep going and striving for the things we're working hard for and on. My prayer is that we won't give up. I pray that we will see ourselves as overcomers no matter what comes our way or what we're faced with. I pray that we always remember that with God all things are possible.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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