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Mistakes Don't Break You

Happy Saturday friends! Today I just simply wanted to encourage you on a little something that keeps me going when I've messed up. See mistakes are actions that we commit but don't intentionally in our heart mean to do. Mistakes could also easily turn into habits. However mistakes don't have to break you. I know someone may read this and say "well I keep on making the same mistakes". As I'm writing this I can attest that I too feel the same way. We all fall short and are not perfect by any means and this post here is to remind you and encourage you that mistakes are just what they are...mistakes. However, you have to choose to dust yourself off and get back up. You have to choose to keep fighting your way through. I know you can find yourself easily getting discouraged because you feel you are making no improvements or better yet you've been doing so well and then you fall. I'm here to tell you that there's no mistake or mishap that is too hard for God to see you through in. God's word says to keep fighting the good fight of faith. God never said that life would always deal us a great hand, but the great thing about God is that He gives solutions that we can use in our time of need. God is not one to break us just to build us up, I don't believe God is a God who intends to always "rebuild" us by "breaking" us down. I do believe that God is a God who restores and give strength to us to endure during our times of weakness.

My prayer today is that we continue to dust ourselves off and move forward. I pray that we continue to keep fighting the good fight of faith. I pray that in this time we won't get discouraged but that we stay encouraged and filled up on God's word and love.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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