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Time Keeper

Happy Saturday friends! I would say happy spring but where I'm at it's still cold and sharing snow. Outside of it snowing and being cold I would say that this week moved rather swiftly.

During this week one of the main things on my mind was time. I think it's safe to say that we all have moments where we begin to really dissect time and how it precieves our personal lives. We may have those moments where we say "I never thought I would be x,y, and z at this age or at this place in my life." We may notice that we're not exactly where we desire to be and it may be that we simply don't know how to get there.

As I thought on it I had to remind myself that time is a valuable and precious thing yet it's something we have no control of. The only one that controls time is God. He's the time keeper. It can be discouraging at times when you feel as though you're behind or "missing out". It can be difficult not to compare when everyone's lives seems to be on display thanks to social media. What we have to remember is that everyone has their own journey. Everyone's life is different, even in the most profound parallel ways they're still different from

The next person's life. Everyone has their own story that God has written that only fits our life. Just as God tailor made us before we were formed in our mother's womb, God tailor made our stories too.

Once we let go of what we think our timeline should look like... once we let go of our timeline period, I believe often times that's when things move. Once we surrender our timeline and our will for God's will in our lives things happen. Why? Simply because we let go of control. We let go of trying to be the timekeeper and force a narrative that doesn't match the story that was already written for us. Remembering that God knows best.

God doesn't always show us step by step, year by year, in full detail. We have to trust and know that God will allow the time to come for everything that He has given us the desire for. God's word talks about how there's a time for everything and how He made everything beautiful in its time. Ecclesiastes 3:11. That means whatever we're believing and trusting God for is being made beautiful by God for the time He will present us with it. We may not understand it but know that God will not withhold any good thing from His children who He loves.

My prayer today is that in waiting, in trusting, and in believing that we will not give up on a God. I pray we won't give up on believing and trusting God, but that we will hold on to the fact that God is the ultimate time keeper and that He wants the best and will give us the best in HIS time.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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Each day is a page of our story that has been written. We get an opportunity to play it out.

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