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Trust in God

Hello hello hello friends, happy Saturday! As I spend part of this morning reflecting on my week I can say that in those quiet moments where it was just me and God, He challenged me in the most quiet way. I spent a lot of time asking God so many questions and felt that He gave me very few answers and just left me with my thoughts. What I come to realize is that He never left me with just my thoughts, He was speaking all along.

I had to realize that the moments I felt left with my thoughts with no response was a response. It was God challenging me to check fact my thoughts and my feelings. Sometimes it gets draining going through a process and I found myself losing hope here and there. Yet there were always little reminders given to me that reminded me that God sees, knows, and is speaking. In unknown situations no matter what they look like, God just wants us to trust Him. I had to ask myself the very hard question of "do I trust God?" The answer was a solid partially. Then I had to ask myself why do I partially trust God? It's simply because I want to see naturally without having to go through all the unknowns. Basically I wanted the easy way through. Of course that's human nature to want, especially if you feel that every journey has been a tough one. Sometimes you want a moment to smooth sail.

I began to see that my lack of trusting God in certain areas in my life compared to others was heavily due to how I see myself in those pacific sectors of my life. Perspective is everything when it comes to navigating through life. Your outcome tends to be what you see or focus on. If you focus on the positive possible outcomes and the truth of who God is there's faith and hope restored. When we focus on the negative possible outcomes and all the practicalities of life there's worry, doubt, and fear restored.

Choosing to trust God should be easier than we make it but sometimes it's not. Reminding yourself that God is a God who knows the beginning from the end and who will not fail you is enough to know that we can trust God. It wasn't until Peter stopped trusting God and feared when he began to sink. If you feel like you're sinking, it may be time to trust God again.

My prayer today is that trusting God will be our first option. I pray that we will not lose hope, faith, and trust in the thing that God has placed on our hearts. I pray that we won't give up in the thick of things, but that we will hold on just a little longer. I pray that in it all God will renew our strength as we continue to wait on Him.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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