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What Do You Need?

Happy Saturday! Today I’m happy to share what’s on my little ol’ heart this morning. The past two weeks for me has been full of unexpected events. Things I didn’t see coming and was not prepared for. I found myself having to really process through a lot of different circumstances concerning work and my own personal life. In all of that I also found myself learning about myself in a new capacity.

Often times I think that when we think about what we “need” in life, we mainly are thinking about what we “want”. Even though both things can be present at the same time, sometimes what we need doesn’t always equate to what we want. At the end of the day pretty much every day this week during my time of deflecting I was faced with a list of things I truly need in order to be my best self in this current moment and season of my life. I found that even in the ways that God is preparing me there is a change in my needs and wants or the things I desire.

If anyone would have asked me a year or so ago of what it was that I needed I wouldve probably said something superficial. However, right now if you would ask me what it was that I needed I can give you a list of practical things that I need that would sustain me. I’m learning and becoming aware of what I need out of an environment to function effectively. I am learning what I need out of relationships with people to show up and evolve into my best self. I am learning about what I need in routine to be a healthy version of myself. The list goes on, but you get the picture.

In this life things can change rather quickly and it can be tough adjusting to a “new normal”. It’s learning to accept that you can’t carry everything and work overtime at trying to make yourself comfortable in a change that’s requiring you to shift or change a bit. It’s accepting that a lot of things you have to truly give over to God and let Him handle it.

As exhausting as this week was for me, I also learned alot about myself and about life in general. I’m grateful to have learned what my needs are so that I can communicate those needs with those who I interact with daily.

Today I challenge you to take a second and thing about what it is that you truly need, not want but need. I challenge you to make that list of what you need out of your environment, relationships, work, etc. to be the best version of yourself and then create what that looks like for you!

My prayer today is that God will show us and continue to show us what we need so that we can seek Him on how to create that life and balance for ourselves. I pray that in us finding what that is, we will be able to shift smoothly into whatever that looks like for us and all will be well for us in that time and the time to come.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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