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24 & Fabulous!

Today I turn 24 years old! Happy 24th Birthday to me! I'm so thankful to my Father in Heaven for allowing me and blessing me to see another amazing year of life. Wow to be 24 during this time in life to me is truly special and amazing. I know that for my life and where I'm headed God has placed me on this earth during this time for a specific reason. Not by mistake but by PURPOSE. I decided to write a letter to the 24 year old me. I hope my letter will remind you of just how faithful God truly is!

Dear Ebonee,

Who would've known that you would grow into this amazing and remarkable woman. All of the trials and tribulations you went through in your latter years were preparing you for your future little did you know. You had to be molded into this purposeful woman and it wasn't easy... it was hard. Some seasons you wanted to throw in the towel, and some seasons you almost did. You held on for a reason and now at age 24 you see that it was truly by the grace of God that held you together and brought you through. Every rejection, every heart break, every let down, every trauma caused incident in your life prepared you for where and who you are today. You were born a champion and you didn't even know it yet. How amazing is that you can look back now and realize just how mighty God's hand was and STILL is over your life. You are SPECIAL to the true King. You are truly God's favorite. You are favored by the one who's love for you will never end! Remember all of the days you did all you could to be accepted...just to grow and realize that there's only one person you are living to be accepted by? Remember when you used to feel like you was never worthy of being loved? Now look at you, you 24 and you're loved not just by many but you have come to know that you are loved by an amazing King who created you so great in His image. All the times you didn't think you were enough just to grow and realize you're more than enough to the right individuals. Girl you overcame adversity at its finest. You worked hard to be what you are today and that's 24 & FABULOUS! You are a trailblazer in the making. You hold and carry a weight that will be world changing but most importantly life changing to a lot of people. Be proud of yourself Queen! Continue to transform into the amazing woman that God is still molding you and shaping you out to be. You are blessed, loved, cared for, cherished, valued, and all of the above.

With love,

-Yours Truly Eb

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