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A Life Of Purpose & God’s Promises

On this journey called life, we often can get caught up in the whirlwind spiral of all the things that can and has gone wrong in our life and begin to feel hopeless. We even at times question our existence and get to the point where we just want to give up. Life is hitting you left and right and it's like you can't catch a break. Depression, anxiety, fear, sadness, etc all creeps up and attack you at once. It's frustrating isn't it? Being someone who has experienced all the above in a past season of my life; I'm thankful to have been freed from those attacks and is easily able to find the beauty in all things hectic.

Have you ever asked yourself the question of why you react to things the way you do and how can you change your reaction to change the situation? It may sound silly but the more unbothered you become about things that are out of your control and you simply give them to God the more at peace you will be. Is it easy? Absolutely not but it is worth it. Truly casting your cares onto God and letting him control all things above you.

Questioning your existence? Just know that every day that you wake up and God decides to still breathe air into your lungs, your life has complete PURPOSE and God's assignment and purpose for your life is not finished. Will there be days where you want to throw in the towel? Yes, of course but remember that Jesus wanted to throw in the towel on the cross but he didn't because he knew your life and your existence depended on it.

Negative people surrounding you? Remember your circle depends on you. Remove the naysayers and doubters. Ask God to place INTENTIONAL people in your life; people who can sharpen you, hold you accountable, and be a Godly blessing in your life.

Financially bound? Know that God is a supplier of all of our needs according to His riches and His glory (Philippians 4:19). You may not know where the next meal, payment for a bill, gas, etc. may come from but trust that God will be a restorer of all of these things and more and I am praying on your behalf that your cup will be overflowing with blessings. Stand on faith and his word. He is a way maker.

In grief or missing of a loved one? Just know that God is a comforter and a peace maker, a restorer of loss & time. I pray for those who are dealing with an absence whether it's old or new, I pray peace and comfort in the days to come. Keep pressing, keep going and don't Quit! The future you is depending on it!

With love,

Yours Truly, Eb

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Unknown member
Aug 19, 2019

Yess! Thank you! Please share! I’ll be praying for them!


This message is everything. I know a couple people who could use and just need God’s hands over them right now. ❤️❤️ Thank you for the uplift! I’ll spread this.

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