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Aging Up

Happy Saturday friends! This week has been extremely special for me, I was blessed to see and celebrate my 26th birthday! Even though 25 was a "milestone year" something about turning 26 just feels different. God has already been preparing me for a new season and I genuinely want to be as ready as possible. 26 really has me putting life into perspective even more and working on all of the things that will continue to push me into purpose. It's like I have a new clearer vision of what God has already showed me over the course of my 20's. I'm seeing more of the picture, more of the purpose, more of the plan. As I look back on my early twenties I can say that I truly have dedicated my 20's to living life to the fullest. As I enter into my late twenties I'm still dedicating these year to living life to the fullest. I'm living and preparing for the generation that I birth, the family that I will create and the generational wealth that will flow from me.

I look at all of the things that I have accomplished in just 25 years and it's like wow I'm really just getting started. I truly am coming for every single thing that God has said I will have. I'm really moving forward to the grown things now. I can see that my mind has hit a new level of maturity. What I want and desire, what I want to be around, and where I want to go is my main focus. I want to be in right standing to receive all that is for me. I know this next chapter won't be easy but it will be a beautiful chapter full of favor, grace, love, accomplishments and all things new.

As I continue to age up I'm not looking at aging as a "bad" thing. I'm not putting limitations on my age. I"m committing to being my healthiest, wealthiest, favored self. I'm committing to being consistent and to walk in my God given purpose. I'm committing to turning the notch up a bit and apply all pressure to my visions and goals. I'm committing most of all to being even more confident and bold in Christ and all of the areas in my life.

My prayer today is that we don't look at age as a stumbling block but instead we look at it as another opportunity to be even greater than before. That we won't get complacent in life even if we are at a standstill. I pray that we are always seeking God in each season and that we will move forward in life producing and fulfilling every fruit of the Spirit.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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