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Black Lives Matter

Being black in America where your skin is a threat.

Learning that because of the color of my skin they won't protect.

Anxiety when around those in "authority".

Casually seeing us being murdered unlike no other right before me.

Killing at an alarming rate all of my black sisters and brothers.

Leaving us to die on cold hard pavement. Bodies lifeless and families hurting

Instigating an unjust call. Provoking us just to give themselves a reason for our fall.

Verdict always ruling in favor of the oppressor. Yet again another hashtag they'll look over.

Equality we've been fighting 400+ years for. Modern day lynching has become a sport.

Shooting us in our backs while peacefully surrendering. Anything to see us bleeding.

Mad isn't even the word to express the grieving emotions birthed.

A desperate pleading call for action, accountability, and justice to be served.

Tired of seeing us become hashtags with #blacklivesmatter following after.

Trauma that will change hearts and minds forever.

Equality for all man kind! Remember to include the black brothers and sisters of mine.

Remember to INCLUDE the BLACK brothers and sisters of mine!

Written by: Ebonee J. Paisley

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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