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Carry Me Through The Storm

Happy Saturday! It's been a while... but I'm happy and grateful to be here. I wasn't really planning on writing today but I woke up with a little something on my heart. I was telling a friend of mine yesterday how I've notice that the closer I get to God and the longer I walk with Him, He tends to ask me to do things that I really don't want to do. One of those things is being vulnerable and transparent in a way that I just rather not lol. I've noticed this little pattern that when I'm going through something as soon as it's clearing He comes telling me to talk about it in ways I don't agree with. Even though He reminds me that it won't be in vain I'm still at the place where I'm asking Him "why I gotta do it?" or "you can't get someone else?" Just being honest. So we're just going to start here lol.

Lately life has been lifeing for me and even as I write that I'm thinking "what else is new?" That's how it tends to feel when things are happening back to back and it's like you can't get a break. I'm still learning to change my perspective about the storms of life but being honest it gets tiring. A few days ago I had a moment with God where for the first time I truly went to Him as a Father and believed it with my heart. I've learned that we can know or hear that God is all of these things; our father, provider, healer, friend, leader, teacher, etc, but if we don't approach God as who we are believing let alone know that He is then what real good is it going to do for us? It's like going to court and approaching the judge as the bailiff. Point is God is all of the things I listed and more but learning to approach Him in the manner that we need Him is key.

In this particular moment of my life I needed my Father and as a child seeks for their parent to fix what's wrong and make things right, that's exactly how I went to God. I immediately saw Him begin to move in the areas that I went to Him about. I got to the end of the week and something unexpected happened to me and I didn't even get mad, didn't cry, didn't get upset. I asked God to take care of it and He did. I knew that if God carried me through the worst of the storm He would continue to carry me through it and out of it. We're so used to seeing God as good when the storm is over. I had to learn to see God as good while the storm is still going. That's a different level of faith being stretched and refined. I had to really put into perspective the good of each situation and focus on that. It's easy to focus on the issues at hand because they seem so big and apparent. That's when you have to ask yourself, when did this situation become bigger than God? Why do I approach storms in life like they're bigger than God?

I want to encourage you as I even encourage myself to 1. think about who you need God to be to you right now and go to Him as that very person. 2. Change your perspective. 3. Let God carry you. God's word says in 1 Peter 5:7 that we can give all of our cares and worries to God because He cares for us. That means I can give my storm, my life, my everything to Him and He will carry me simply because He cares about me and everything concerning me.

My prayer today is that we see God show up in our lives as who we need Him to be in that very moment. I pray that our perspective of our "storms" change. I pray that we will believe and know that God is good even in a storm and that we will let God carry us through.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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