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Closed Mouths Don't Get Far

A lot of times in situations I've thought hard about picking and choosing my battles. Generally I think that it's a good thing because not everyone or everything deserves my energy. However I also realized that the more that I don't pick the battles and I stay quiet on the matter the more feelings and emotions not only build up but situations can grow fragile. By observing this manner I have come to realize also that when your mouth stays closed it gives the opportunity for people to create a narrative in their mind about how they can interact with you.

Me not being a confrontational person it really takes a lot for me to actually speak on matters. By that being a constant cadence of mine I have come to realize the door that it has opened for people to say or do as they please with the thought that there will be no repercussion. I believe that I'm truly in a place where God is preparing me to be the woman who I have always longed to grow into. The confidence that I have always wanted to exude out and it starts with using my voice. Not in a manner where it's always confrontational but using my voice to defend, protect, set boundaries, and to cover myself in any and every situation and relationship that I come across.

I want to be and remain a loving and passionate individual who always gives love and care for others but in the midst of being that person with the characteristics that God has created me in, it requires speaking up and setting boundaries where they are crossed but also setting the tone for demanding respect in regards to me simply being a human being. Growth is uncomfortable as always but it is mandatory for where God is taking me and the calling He has placed on my life. That means it is up to me to make the changes necessary to be where and who God needs me to be in this moment in time. I'm thankful for the lessons and growth that God is teaching me and requiring of me. I can only imagine what the results of my surrendering and willingness to what God has required of me will take me. I know it can only take me far.

My prayer today is that we will allow God to transform us for the upcoming seasons of our lives and that we will trust Him and allow Him to do what's necessary to grow us and prepare us for what's ahead.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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