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Confident Prayers

I've noticed that we often expect God to move on our behalf without us doing any real work or activating any real faith in order for God to even move. It amazes me how we expect so much but give so little. One area that has been lacked in is the belief in prayer. Let me explain. We equate good, powerful prayers that make us feel goosebumps or chills to be the only prayers that reach heaven. We think those who use a stern/authoritative voice is more powerful than those who may not give that energy at all. To say the lease what I've come to truly understand and realize is that prayer is simply communication with God. God hears the loud bold prayers and He hears the quite and unspoken prayers as well. Both of them reach the heavens.

Where we have gone wrong is thinking that someone else's prayers are more powerful than our own. We have to remember that our prayers for ourselves are just as powerful. What makes it seem less than is the lack of confidence and authority. God gave all of us the authority to command whatever it is that we need to take place in our lives. We need to start taking hold of the authority given and our confidence we have in God to do exceedingly and abundantly above anything we could ever imagine. The thought that we will only experience healing, blessings, clarity, confirmation, on the count of someone else who is actually putting in the work required to see God move is pure deception from the enemy.

The trick that the enemy wants us to believe is that we need all the extra-(ness) that we've grew up seeing or even experienced to see God move and that's not true. Now don't get me wrong I'm not saying that God doesn't use people to stand in the gap, give us a word, or intercede on our behalf. But what I am saying is that we should not be solely dependent on people to do what we have the power to do ourselves. If anything those who are standing in the gap on our behalf should be the icing on the cake to all the work that we have put in already. Are we really putting in the work or are we waiting around for someone else to do it? When you go to God in prayer about anything no matter if it's an imperious approach or a meek approach be confident in your prayers. Pray always like you know your prayers reach the heavens.

Today my prayer is that we put in not only the work required for us to see the move of God in our lives but also for us to be confident that our prayers are heard and that God will move on our behalf. I pray that we won't walk in deception and wait on people to do what God has already given us the authority to do. I pray that our approach to prayer will be different in the days to come.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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You are speaking the truth. We lack confidence in our prayers because we don't know what God has to say about our prayers .

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