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Lay It Down

Have you gotten to a certain place in your life where you're just tired and you want change? You know that place where you just want nothing but to lay everything down and start over? I had a real intimate and transparent conversation with God while I was in the shower. Yes ya'll in the shower lol. God really be dropping gems and giving whole revelations to me while I'm in the shower... aside of that. Lately I've been feeling far from God. I been feeling like I can't feel Him near. Even though I hate the feeling of disconnect I love that I can sense in my Spirit when I need to re-evaluate and re-arrange some things in my life. I love that I yearn to always be close to my Father.

So while I was having this conversation with God I straight up told God that I felt a distance and I didn't like it. In that moment I began to just lay everything that I felt was in the way of our relationship down at His feet. Obviously He already knows right, but just being able to confess and talk to Him about a plethora of things that I've been working through. I realized that God is the greatest therapist there is. The reassurance that I received was everything that I needed. Aside of just talking to God I asked Him to begin to truly strip, uproot, and remove anything that was hindering me from progressing in my purpose. See, we often get caught up in the feel good of life. Things that provide temporary satisfaction. Keyword TEMPORARY. Temporary satisfaction will land you in a place of complacency. Distractions in everyday life can give off this facade of satisfactory. This quarantine in ways has been a distraction but only if we let it be. We can allow this down time to be a time of severing our distance from God and make Him close again.

Laying down the layers of the things that have caused space between me and God was refreshing. It was if I was peeling off layers on an onion. Think of that analogy. God wants to get to the core of our hearts. When I finally got out the shower I was left with 3 words from God and those words were "You Made Me". God was reminding me that He made all parts of me and I was made in His image. He reminded me that nothing could ever separate me from His love but that better yet my future is still promising in spite of. He also gave me flashbacks at the visions that He gave me 3 years ago as what???... "REMINDERS" that He is still faithful and that His purpose for my life will still come to pass. I repent He reminds.

It can be hard to be transparent with God because we always want to be perfect before Him. We have to remember that He is perfection we aren't. We also have to remember that God doesn't want us to come to Him already whole because if that was the case then what would we need Him for? In those times where we are struggling to be near remember God made us, He loves us in spite of and He will still use us and our mess for His glory.

My prayer today is that we lose the thought of perfection. I pray that we choose to be more transparent and real with God. I pray that we get into the habit of checking our heart and laying down all things that causes distance between us and God. I pray that we hold a repented heart and that we choose to keep pushing with the strength and love of God.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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