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Don't Rob People of the Opportunity to Grow

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

With so much chaos currently going on in the world it's very easy to become apart of cancel culture and it's also easy for us to say and put in action cutting people off, but what does that really solve at the end of the day? Of course there will always be someone who offends us and there will always be disagreements but we can either let it effect us or let it teach us. I'm learning and more so understanding that the way we react to a situation defines the outcome to how the other person sees Christ in me or if they even see him at all. I'm also understanding how the outcome to situations or the reactions in how the actions of someone else effect us aren't always about us. It's often times about the other person instead.

We have to be careful and be aware of making sure that we are not robbing people of the opportunity to grow. A dear friend of mine spoke those words to me and I didn't understand it at first but now I do. See, it's not always easy for someone to admit when they're wrong or even change their behavior but how you respond and deal with the situation no matter how it effected you is what plants the seed for the opportunity to reflect and look back at themselves. I remember having a brief conversation with a friend and she mentioned how a co-worker of hers stated that she was more bothered and upset that my friend wasn't giving her the energy she was trying to provoke in a situation between them, and that right there proves that if my friend would have stooped down to her co-worker's level then she would have robbed her co-worker of the opportunity to see herself and even realize that she was in the wrong and gave her the opportunity to make things right.

Not everyone will be quick to make things right or even admit that they're wrong and change their ways but what I have realized is that as prideful and stubborn as people could be deep down inside people know when they've offended, or acted out of character. Some people simply don't care but don't make that choice for them by adding to the division, confusion, hostility, and animosity to an already divided and corrupt world. Instead give people the opportunity to grow. Spread light and love in dark situations. Show and give forgiveness even when they aren't sorry. There's more to gain out of life than to get all bent up and out of shape over opinions, conversations, and anything else that doesn't matter. Learn to agree to disagree and move on. Learn to stand firm but also to show mercy to those who don't understand or have the same views as you. There will forever be someone who will disrespect, offend, and hurt you, but the same way that you are loved in your mess find it in you to love others in their mess as well.

My prayer today is that we will not rob others of the opportunity to grow by spewing hate, canceling people who are lost and cutting of those who are in need of a true community. My prayer is that we ask God to give us the strength we need to shed light and love to those whose hearts are harden and cold. I pray that we spread unity and love even in disagreement. I pray for growth, peace, and clarity to be within us all.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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