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End of the year recap: The power of silence...

Happy Saturday friends! It's literally the last Saturday of 2023! This year has been a great one for me overall full of learning, revelation and twist and turns. I can truly say that this year for me was truly a year of preparing. God spoke to me about preparing for what is to come next for me in the first quarter of the year. I won't share everything God spoke to me just yet but let me tell you He has been getting His daughter together.

As I ponder over the last 12 months of this year I think about how God spoke to me so much and there was a moment where I began to fall off track and He went silent. This was God's way of redirecting me and giving me a moment to get myself back where He had me. This year I started a few things that God has spoken to me about last year. I got a new job this year starting in on of my dream careers. I found myself spending a lot of time navigating the new in my life and for once just taking my time and going with the flow of figuring it out. This year was my year of receiving. I did better this year at exploring my boundaries and setting them, which has always been a tad bit difficult for me. This year I spent a lot of time finally doing what makes Ebonee happy and putting myself first; doing what's best for me. In 2023 I stopped explaining every little detail of my life. A lot of my life contains of "God told me to do it and so that's what I'm doing.

In 2023 I found myself seeking God about a lot. I prayed to God for a community/friends who could walk with me and be a safe haven and He gave me that and more. One of the biggest things that I learned this year was the power of being silent. There's a lot that I experienced this year that God had me be silent about. I finally learned how to just shut up and watch, I learned how to shut up and just experience God. I'm thankful for learning the power of silence. In this He was teaching me how to not only protect what He's preparing for me but also training my ear to hear Him clearer. This year ya girl partook in many many acts of faith which brought me so much joy! I can say that after looking over this year I was more grounded and at peace. This was a refreshing year for me for sure. Which my pastor said this year would be, I didn't really see how my year was refreshing until now and I'm thankful for it. I experienced a refreshing in my relationship with my dad, a refreshing in building new friendships, a refreshing in my career, a refreshing in other areas that I'll probably share in the future, and a refreshing just in my life in general. For the first time in a LONG time I can see my growth with true happiness attached to it. I may not be 100% where I want to be but I'm on my way, closer than I was before. God taught me a lot that truly has prepared me for what's next to come for me. I look forward to 2024 because it's my year of CELEBRATION!

My prayer today is that is simply that God will show Himself faithful all throughout 2024. I pray that His protection will cover every person who reads this post. I pray that God will keep His hand on our lives and that we will experience God in a new, personal, and life changing way.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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