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Find Optimism

In a world where this so much always going on and just in life in general there are things that may happen that are out of our control but we have control over how we react to a situation. Yesterday in prayer I prayed to God and asked Him to help me to see the positive in things and to help me to stop complaining or putting so much energy into things that I cannot control. You know, He truly did honor that part of my prayer. I was able to go to work and not focus on not wanting to be there but to focus on the fact that my weekend was near and I didn't have to do a full day. Something else I noticed is that when you choose optimism and joy it highlights the misery around you. Everyone around me just had a somberness about them and as easy as it could've been to join the crowd I walked fully in joy that the Lord allowed me to have.

Something the Lord also reminded me of was how people who are in much more complex predicaments than I am usually are the ones who are more full of life and don't take life and all that comes with it for granted. Think about it. Have you ever met someone with a terminal illness or a situation that may never change. Think on their reactions and their response to their situations. They still live life to the fullest, they choose joy, they don't skip a beat most times. It showed me and reminded me that things in life are never going to be perfect or even work out in our favor most times, however we can still look at the positive or brighter side of the outcome. Do we dwell or do we walk in the peace and joy that God has provided for us in spite of?

Today I want to challenge you to look at the brighter side. Choose to be optimistic in life. Choose the joy of the Lord. If you can't choose it, try to find optimism, joy, and positivity in the little things.

My prayer today is that we put more optimism in our lives, that we look at the brighter side of life and that we can find the positive in the bad. I pray that we will choose to smile and not cry, choose to trust and believe that God will never forsake us in our time of need and that even in our time of trial and frustration we are loved and covered by our Heavenly Father who will make all things right.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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