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Forgive To Be Forgiven

We have all been hurt before by someone we trusted, loved, or looked up to. We go through the motions and walk around stating "I forgive but I never forget". Now it is hard to forget some of the things that have hurt us, especially if it was something very traumatic. Have you ever thought though, what if you did forget? Or better yet what if you chose not to remember or replay those things in your head which will lead you to never truly forgive? The same way we train our minds to remember the things people have done to us so that we can hold grudges and hold on to our hurt; is the same energy we can use to train our brains to think on things that are positive and even put that hurt in the back of our mind instead of the forefront.

As hard as this is, let's be real. Many of us have never put ourselves in the other position. Like the saying says "hurt people, hurt people". Just as someone has hurt you, you more than likely in your lifetime have hurt someone too. Let's be honest, you've wanted to be forgiven. Now I know you're thinking "well this person consistently hurts me". Since we're being real,we do the same thing with God. We constantly mess up but we also constantly expect God to forgive us. We often forget that in order to be forgiven by God we have to also forgive those who hurt us and caused us pain. (Matthew 6:14-15) We also have this notion that we only have to forgive someone one time and we're good, but that's not the case either. We are all human and we aren't perfect so we are bound to mess up more than once. God knew that so he required us to forgive more than once. (Matthew 18:21-22)

Forgiving consistently is something I'm personally working on because I have people in my life who have constantly hurt me and just being real you get tired of forgiving someone for the same thing over and over. Can we just take a moment though to thank God for not being like man. Let's just think about how it would be if God stopped forgiving us because he was tired of us making the same mistakes over and over again. I have to put myself in that space to remind myself of the times when I was really down and out and God was still merciful to me. I mean constantly forgiving me for things I said I was done doing and in the same breath turned around and did it again. Today I'm challenging you today to be more merciful to those who keep falling in your eyes and forgive them out of love.

Now I will leave you with this, you can continuously forgive someone but love them from a far. We can all agree that some people just don't serve a purpose in our life but you may serve a purpose in theirs. Also protecting your peace and happiness is important too, just because you accept apologies and forgive does not mean that you have to have an open door policy to your life. Being easily accessible to people can often enable them and not encourage change in the way that they treat you.

My prayer today is that we will walk like Jesus, forgive like Jesus, and love like Jesus. I pray that those who are in bondage from hurt, pain, and also from lack of forgiveness will be set free. I pray for restoration and mending of broken relationships. I also pray for healing and peace for those who have been hurt repeatedly. Forgiveness is for you not them.

With love,

Yours Truly, Eb

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