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How Do You See Yourself?

How we view ourselves has a lot to do with how we view and treat others. How we view ourselves also stems from how we were viewed by others in our developmental stage too. Think about it...when you were growing up were people speaking life into? Were they building you up with their words? Did they boost your confidence or did they often criticize, ridicule, tear you down, and killed your confidence? What if I told you that the people that did the latter didn't always mean what they did or said? What if I told you that most of it is a learned behavior and that they are only reciprocating what has been done to them?

I'm learning as I get older that the hurt I've experienced from others is rooted in a deeper place than what I thought as me being the problem. Taking time to understand and pay attention to what's really rooted on the inside of those who have caused so much hurt and trauma is almost mandatory in order to not only forgive but to move forward. Okay now that I laid the foundation let's get into the reality of this. See we all have been hurt to different extents by people who we trust, who we cared for, who was supposed to love us, etc. That's the reality of many of our lives right? Even though that's the case we are responsible for the outcome of our reality in spite of. It's easy to let trauma enable us from moving forward because it's something that can take a life time to grow through, but I believe how we grow through and handle our hurt and trauma is based on us. I've learned that a lot of things that we focus so deep on can be changed by just a simple decision. A decision to see things differently.

Situations in life can often change our view on how we see ourselves, how we see others and even how we see God. What we need to fix our focus on in this life is how God sees us and stand on that. How God sees us, what He thinks of us, and what He says about us has much more weight than what anyone has ever said about us while we've been here on this earth. We have to make a sound decision to always believe that even in the times when it's most hard to believe. The more I grow the more I realize that even in growth mistakes are inevitable and no matter what people will hurt you and disappoint you. I know that's basic knowledge right, but it hits differently when you see yourself in the light that God sees you vs, how you see yourself and others when you're in the dark.

My prayer today is that we focus on seeing ourselves how God sees us and lay down the image that has been tainted for so long. I pray that we find freedom in what God says, how He sees us, and what He thinks about us. I pray that we only believe the truth about what He says and that we throw away all of the lies that we have ever fed ourselves. I pray that we can walk in a new mindset and that we can truly stand firm on the truths of who we are and continue everyday to not be perfect but to be better than the days before.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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