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How I Overcame Depression & Covid-19

Happy Saturday friends! What a happy Saturday it is too! As we close the chapter on not only March but the 1st quarter of the year I want to share two battles that I experienced this month and how I overcame them. March alone has been a fast but long month to say the least. It was pretty challenging for me in many ways too. Realizing that the enemy is ready to attack at any given moment is always hard for me to understand but I'm grateful that I'm victorious in Christ.

The first quarter of the year has been very eventful for me spiritually. I started the year off experiencing God in so many ways and yet as time went on and I approached the month of March I found myself being attacked left and right. One of the things that I experienced in the beginning of March was depression. I didn't understand why I was experiencing what I was experiencing but it was scary for me since this has not been something that I have experienced in a very long while. I found my emotions being very unstable and my feelings being tampered with consistently. I found myself confused and even feeling abandoned by God in an area that seems to be so fragile to me. I can say that I'm thankful for my therapist and simple communication with God that got me through what seemed to be such a dark moment. One thing that I'm learning on this journey is that honesty with yourself, with God and with others makes things worth while. I found myself in a place seeking God and pushing anxiety out of the way. Along with making sure that I was speaking God's word over my mind and my emotions.

Just as things were beginning to turn around for me mentally and emotionally I then was hit with something that I didn't think I would experience. I tested positive for Covid-19. As shocked as I was and as real as I experienced this virus I couldn't help but to constantly thank God that I didn't experience a severe case of this contagious virus. I couldn't help but to just continue to thank God and worship Him even in the midst of such uncertainty. I remember one of the days that seemed to be the worse day of me getting through this virus, I found myself laying in my bed with worship music playing and even thought I didn't feel the best I felt the peace of God around me. This reminded me that even in tough times God is with me and He will never leave or forsake me.

As I look back on this month I can say that it has been mighty eventful to say the least but I can also say that without a doubt I came out of this storm victorious. This year is showing in a lot of ways that the enemy may come and attack but with Christ within us we are victorious and the enemy is defeated. We often can get so upset at God and confused as to why the enemy is doing what he's always been known to do which is steal, kill, and destroy but we forget that those who have Christ on the inside of us has the authority to defeat the enemy and also is known as victors unto Christ. I can look back on this month and say that I am a victor and that what the enemy set out against me did not prosper. I want to encourage you today and remind you that the enemy may come up against you but with Christ within you the enemy can not and will not prosper. We have to hold on to God's word and the authority and power that has been given to us. We have to remember that this battle in life is not our battle alone but that it's God's battle and as He calls us His own He will keep us, cover us, and fight every battle that comes our way.

My prayer today is that we stay armored to defeat the enemy and all of his tactics. I pray that we will remember who we are in Christ and utilize the power and authority that is within us and has been given to us. I pray that no weapon, sickness, and any other ailment that tries to form against us will prosper. I pray that as we enter in the 2nd quarter of the year that we will continue to walk in victory and see the goodness of the Lord.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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