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Humble Before God

I'm always amazed by God and how He will utilize His children even when they don't always do as they should. It shows me and reminds me that God is no respecter of person and that He will use whomever whenever. I recently had this experience where I had the opportunity to pray for one of my brothers and before I began to pray for him I prayed in the Spirit and really sought in my heart for God to give me the words to pray. After I was finished praying I had another friend come up to me and she said "I can always tell that you spend time with God and that you always have something to say before Him or to Him." In that moment I had a pure humble yet transparent moment where I strictly made it known that it was no one but God speaking through me. I was transparent with her about where I had been in my walk with Christ lately and humbly asked for prayer for my own self.

See I came to this realization that within the body of Christ comparison is a huge thing and I believe a lot of it comes from people trying to compare their anointing or their walk with Christ to others that they see. They compare their prayers, their singing, their preaching, their appearance, their approach etc. to others around them and I just want to encourage you today that where you are in your relationship with Christ doesn't validate if God uses you or not. I haven't been communing with God as much as I want to lately and it's not something I'm proud of but however knowing that God sees the best in me even when I'm not at my best, and He sees what He put on the inside of me and still communicates with me and uses me even when I don't feel deserving or useful is always mind blowing as well as humbling to me. I'm so thankful for who God is in my life. Life isn't always great but life with God is better than life without Him. All of who I am is because of God. I can't and won't ever take credit for how He uses me and what He uses me to say.

Today I want to challenge you to really tap in to who YOU are in Christ and what God has placed on the inside of you. Don't worry about what it looks like to others. Don't put your salvation on a scale of if you look "saved" enough. Focus on who you are in Christ and who God made and called you to be! The best way to be is humble before God.

My prayer today is that we don't miss out on how special we are in Christ and that we don't compare our gifts or anointing to others around us. I pray that we find peace and contentment in our walk with Christ as we continue to grow with and in Him.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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