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I'm Here To See Manifestation!

I had this thought as I was in prayer and God reminded me of something pertaining to what I have been praying and believing for. As I was praying I reminded God of how His word is true and how He is the living word. By Him being the living word that means that His word is still alive and still very active in this present moment. We always hear and read about the miracles, signs, and wonders done in the bible days and we seem to feel that we are not seeing enough of that on earth. It was in that moment that I began to command to see the things that were done 2,000+ years ago today in this present time.

One thing about God is he is never changing. He is a God who can't lie. His word cannot return to Him void. He is a God that has to do exactly what His word says. So when we are standing in expectation for something no matter what it may be, we have to fix our focus and stand firm on what God has not only promised but what His word says that He can and will do. The very thing that the enemy may have us doubt is the very thing that God has already said He will and can do. One thing that we have to take back is our authority. We have the authority to command every promise that God has said in His word to manifest itself to come to pass in our lives. We were not created and put on this earth to live a mediocre life, contrary to what the enemy has made us believe. We can see the works of Jesus on earth. You don't have to wait to get to heaven to receive the desires of your heart and even the promises of God. God's word says that we can have on earth what we have in heaven. Let's not limit God's blessings, work, and all that He can do on earth. Let's not limit it to Him only being able to be majestic in heaven.

I'm ready to see earthly manifestations of every type of healing, blessing, transformation, restoration, and whatever else it is that people are standing and believing in God to do. I'm ready to see the hand of God move in a new way during this year. Being reminded that this is going to be a year of victory in spite of what the enemy will try to throw our way. I'm often reminded of God's faithfulness. I am here to see all of the great things that God has in store for this country, for my friends, for my family, for the world, and more. I'm ready to see it manifest in complete fullness.

My prayer today is that our faith is stronger than ever in this time and in this season. I pray that God will move mightily in the lives of His children and that our minds will be blown away at the things that He will carry out and perform. I pray that the very things that we have been believing God for, for years will manifest in its fullness and that at the victorious mark we will look back and say that it was no one but God. I pray that we will all see God in a new way.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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