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It’s Okay

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

This week I’ve realized that it’s okay to not do what you normally do. I’m learning that it’s okay to step out of routine and be comfortable with doing things that may cause discomfort. Realizing that the things we sometimes do over and over can be draining and it’s okay to want something new. We can get so used to familiarity that we forget about the need for change in certain areas and seasons of our life.

For me, I like change but I also dislike change. I love the newness that comes with change but I dislike the challenges that change brings sometimes. Change forces you to stretch yourself. Change forces you to do things you’ve never done before or better yet not comfortable doing. We glorify consistency so much that we undermine the goodness of change. I’m thankful for the blessing from both consistency and change and I’m even more thankful for the lesson of learning to be okay with whatever comes with each.

Learning that it’s okay to change the beat of my drum has been so freeing to me. It has also been hard for the fact that it may rub others the wrong way but again it’s okay because we have to realize that we don’t live for people. Putting yourself 1st is something that has to be normalized more. I‘ve often been told that I’m predictable and seeing how that can be telling to my character it’s also annoying in a sense because people always THINK they know what I am going to do. It also sets an unrealistic expectation upon you because if you choose to do something different people instantly notice.

Oddly enough I would love to be a good mixture. I want to be a good amount of predictable that it speaks to my character of loyalty but I also want to be a good mixture of spontaneous to keep people aware that I’m able to make changes and that everything isn't always the same. This isn’t to prove a point to them but to allow me to be aware of my own personal growth, goals, and mounting to the places that I desire to reach.

Today I want to remind you that it‘s okay to change. It’s okay to start over. It’s okay to find newness and it’s okay to change the beat of YOUR drum.

My prayer today is that we allow the changes and seasons of our lives to bring forth whatever it is that God has intended for it to bring. I pray that we will truly be OKAY with the journey we’re on. I pray that we won’t allow the fear of change to hold us back and confine us. I pray that we will grow consistently and that we will be bold enough to change the beat of our drum when needed.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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