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It's Personal

Happy Saturday friends! Today I want to talk about relationship, one very important relationship in particular. This relationship is very special and very meaningful to our lives. I want to talk about how personal it is and the benefits of this relationship. The relationship that I want to talk about today is the one we have with Christ.

Lately I've been really hearing the Lord repeatedly tell me how many of us aren't being still and aren't listening to him. I truly believe in this time that God has something He is trying to get us to understand and see but we're so focused on everything else that we can't even receive what it is that He has to say. In the midst of that I realized that a lot of us don't really have a true personal relationship with God. Now when I say this it is far from me judging anyone's relationship and the closeness of their relationship with God. When I say it's not personal I mean that we're so focused on some of the most "spiritual aspects" of the relationship that we aren't even doing the basic things intended to create the personal relationship to begin with. We aren't spending time communing with God and we aren't taking the time to hear him respond.

Think about the personal relationships that you have in your life. In our close/personal relationships we nurture them daily. We spend time with the person, we talk to them often, we share intimate thoughts and feelings, we trust them, we give them access to our vulnerability, we take time to learn about the person on a deeper level. That's personal and that's what we should be seeking during this time. We should be seeking a personal relationship with God. Growing with him and getting to know him for who he really is, not to only just reap the benefits of his promises. I feel that as the body of Christ we sometimes focus so much on the height of the relationship and all that comes with it, that we forget it's a process and a journey to get there. We want God to use us in a mighty way during this time but how is He going to use us and we haven't given Him anything to work with? Think of it this way, if you had a business and you're planning to expand would you appoint a team that you don't have a relationship with? Would you appoint a team you can't trust? Would you appoint a team full of complete strangers? Yeah.. I didn't think so. God feels the same way. He wants to prepare us for this time so that he can also use us but we're focused on the wrong things. We're not focused on the relationship. We're focused on being seen and heard, or better yet being loud and wrong.

I believe that God is wanting to do a new thing within this nation but we have to be ready spiritually to receive. Today I challenge those of you who have a relationship with God or knows God to really spend time seeking Him and strengthening your relationship with God. Make your relationship even more personal. If you're reading this and you may not know God I encourage you to get to know him. Get to know him for yourself, seek to learn more about who he is and invite him into your heart so that you can experience the love God has for you.

My prayer today is that we will choose to be more personal with God. I pray that we will seek to know God for ourselves. I pray that we will sit still long enough to receive what God has for us and I pray that we will all experience God's love. I pray that we will shift our focus on the things that matter the most so that we can be used by God in the way that he wants to use us.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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