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It Takes Discipline

Happy Saturday friends! The weather is finally breaking in Michigan and I could not be any happier. However the neglect from the winter is brewing its ugly face at me. One thing that I have been praying for lately specifically this week is for more discipline. As a pretty disciplined person already it's a little intimidating to ask God for more discipline because whew having and maintaining discipline is hard. However I'm committed to taking back control over the areas in my life I've neglected in the past 5-6 months.

A few of those things are my spiritual and physical health, learning how to find balance and maintaining a healthy balance with work, school, serving, and taking care of myself. So with discipline we all know it comes with sacrifice, something I've also been struggling with. I've been going the easy route which looks like sleeping longer, eating later, being impulsive. By doing those things I'm beginning to see the negative effects that it has caused in my life. I think of how we talk about being a good steward over our money and the benefits of it but do we ever talk about being a good steward over our time? I can say that 24hrs in a day feels like it's not long enough but if I utilize my time well it could be long enough for me to be proactive and productive.

Society has us believing that the busier we are the more substance we have to ourselves but what's the use of being busy when it's not benefiting all areas of your life? Should an important part of your life suffer or die due to being busy? Right exactly. So today I want to challenge you to steward your time well. Make a conscience decision to be more disciplined. Wake up earlier, re-adjust your nightly schedule, make time to take care of your spiritual and physical body. Ask God for strength and help, I know I am/did. Give yourself the gift of being a better you!

My prayer today is that we become more disciplined in our relationship with Christ and in our lives. I pray that we find a healthy balance with all of our responsibilities and that in result we will experience a greater life full of hope, peace, energy, wellness, happiness, and health.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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