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Just Roll With It...

Happy Saturday friends! It's been a little while again since I've written anything and quite honestly I have no clue what I'm about to write about, but I heard God tell me to write again so we're just about to roll with it lol. February is really winding on down and I can say that it has been the most eventful month I've had in a while. You know when God starts doing unfamiliar things in your life you really have to adjust. No one talks about the adjustment period that comes with God shifting things in your life. I think the place where I'm at in life is requiring much of things that I'm not used to and sometimes I feel like I'm floating through life day to day.

I think we've all at some point in our lives wish we had a step by step guide on how to navigate peculiar seasons of our lives. As I've officially entered into the last few years of my 20's I'm realizing and observing much more about my life and the environment around me. Realizing how much it impacts me but also how much I can impact it as well. Learning how to truly balance what's my responsibility and what I have to wipe my hands clean of. Figuring out what really "showing myself grace" looks like. If you haven't figured out by now I'm also a person who feels everything and I'm learning the stresses that comes with that too. You know that's one thing that I wish I could just turn off sometimes...the ability to feel everything lol.

I find myself just spending day to day figuring life out while also figuring life out along with who God is preparing me to be and what He's preparing me to do. Did I already say that I feel like I'm floating?...well yeahhhh I'm floating. Sidenote...this is the most random blog post I've ever written but this is a true look into what my thoughts have been like lately lol.

Either way I didn't have much to say just wanted to be obedient. I'm sure as much as this sounds like a post on me rambling my thoughts I'm sure someone else can relate. Just know that no matter where you are in life you're doing great. Don't get complacent, be obedient to whatever it is that God is pushing you to do and step outside that comfort zone, be kind and patient with yourself, and prepare yourself always for greater.

Love ya'll!

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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