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Late Or Right On Time

We all have heard of this stereotype that black people are always late or on what we call it "CP time". Growing up I've never fit that stereotype because my mom always taught me to get up 2 hours before I had to be wherever it was that I had to go and that would prevent me from ever being late, even if I ran into delays that were out of my control. Growing up with that practice taught me to be very time conscious to the point where I can tell time without looking at a clock. It also has placed in me a high impatience for those who don't abide by the time commitment that was set. I absolutely can't stand when people are late because I'm always on time and when I'm running behind time I find myself in a frantic trying to make sure I'm not late.

Recently I noticed at the last few events that I've attended I prepared to be on time and when I experienced falling behind time I found myself rushing just to still be on time just to end up being the only one on time at that. I said to a friend in annoyance "I'm going to just start being late to things because people are never on time." I then had this thought about timing and how timing really plays a huge factor in our lives. I thought about how moving too soon can have me miss out on what is waiting for me. Even though I hate being late I noticed that leaving later has actually placed me in the position to where I would end up at the right place at the right time.

We are so quick to move on to the next phase, season, or position that sometimes we move too early and we don't marinate in the season or position that we are currently in. Moving on to a season that is prepared but not quite ready for our arrival knocks us off of the timing that was originally placed for us. I'm learning that later is right on time. It's good to be early because you're prepared but if you get to that place early learn to sit in that place and take in that time before you move on. Ask God what it is that He wants you to do in that time and be intentional about every second. You never know who you may meet, run in to, or the connections that could possibly be made when you leave later instead of leaving early.

My prayer today is that we are time conscious in God's timing. I pray that we seek God about when to move and when to stay. I pray that God will give us clear guidance on when to make these moves and that every move made is wise and blessed. I pray that we gain patience and that while we're being patient we are getting and staying prepared.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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Aug 16, 2020

Absolutely! I couldn’t agree more.


Timing is a very important element in our lives. It can be the determining factor of missing out or gaining something. It is said " time waits for no one" once it's gone , it can't be retrieved. We must use our time wisely. God's timing is always on time. He is never late.

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