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Navigating the New

Happy Saturday friends! I know it's been a couple of weeks since I've been here, and I just want ya'll to know that I'm trying my best at this consistency thing. I can't say that I'm failing lol, but let's just say I've been managing my priorities. In that this month so far, I've been reflecting on how navigating new spaces, places, people, and just transitions can be so difficult. I find myself now more than ever creating balance and being intentional on setting limits in my life. There have been times where I've really thought that I had FOMO which is the "fear of missing out", but I realized that it's not that. Sometimes we can set unrealistic expectations on ourselves to do above and beyond when we may not have above and beyond capacity. I've learned that we can mistake people's ability to go above and beyond a standard that people must often uphold in our lives. The issue with that is that there will be times where the water runs dry.

This week I had to really get before God and ask Him to fill up all the empty places in my life that I may have mistakenly wanted other people to fill. When the feeling of emptiness comes, it's easy to want those you love to replace what's missing and the truth is, they can't. I learned that while navigating new things it comes with a lot of shifts and uncomfortable moments. Navigating and adjusting is not always easy, actually it can be difficult. Learning and unlearning comes with a lot of revealing of the unpolished areas that have rooted on the inside. It puts the mirror in front of you and shows you the reflection of the reality you're facing. It's not always bad but it doesn't always feel good either.

This week showed me that I have to trust and believe that no matter what I feel in life and no matter what my "feelings" may try to lie and tell me, God's love for me covers every deficiency that I may be experiencing. Once we grasp hold onto how great and intense God's love is for us, once we understand the position of being a son or daughter of a King what real weight does our feelings, thoughts, and situations have against God's love for us?

My prayer today is that as we're navigating life, transitions, and just newness in general that we are able to hold onto the fact that God's love is fulfilling. I pray that whatever lack, deficiency, or emptiness that we may feel or even experience will be removed with the knowledge and understanding of God and His love for us. May peace and fulfillment in Christ be our portion.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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