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Not Easily Moved

Happy Saturday friends! Today I want to share with you a revelation I had last night that will encourage you in any area where you may be questioning your ability and capability to succeed.

In January I began my journey of grad school. I had previously taken a year off after I had graduated undergrad to get acclimated to post grad life. I knew that I wanted to go back to school immediately because I wanted to get it out the way now rather than later (that's my story). I had been working full time and was still adjusting to that and I had also been serving full time in my church. I remember when I was inquiring about grad school and just talking to some of my other friends who had already started before me. I would ask them about grad school and what it was like compared to undergrad and they would say how it was difficult and wayyy different from undergrad. Not going to lie it intimidated me a little bit because of course I didn't know what to expect but I also didn't want to overload myself and not do well.

In spite of the things I was hearing about grad school I still knew that I wanted to go so of course I applied. I then received an invite to attend an interview for the program I applied for and in October of 2019 I was accepted. I was so excited and happy and I shared the news, so many people were excited and happy for me too which made me feel good that I had support. What I did experience on the side were those who would ask me questions like "so are you going to school full time?" or "will you be working part time?" and when I would tell them no I'll still be working full time and going to school full time I would then hear statements like "woah that's a lot." or "how are you going to do that, isn't that going to be too much?" because I didn't know what to expect from grad school I began to question if I was really biting off more than I can chew.

In the wake of being accepted into grad school and waiting to start the semester I experienced fear, a level of anxiety I never felt, and also doubt at times. I guess you can also say that my faith wavered because I questioned if I should even be starting grad school right now and if I was qualified and so many other thoughts I entertained even when I knew that I was on the right path according to what God had already showed me. This is when I learned that you don't have explain anything to anyone who doesn't understand the favor that's on your life. Sometimes you just have to let God's favor speak for itself.

So I started grad school, I kept myself very disciplined, I applied myself to the best of my ability, I prayed a lot and let God handle all things that were above me. I also was able to balance working, serving and going to school full time. All of these things allowed me to have a successful 1st semester of grad school. I finished my 1st semester of grad school with straight A's. I'm thankful that in this season God placed the right support system around me and showed me favor.

I tell this story to encourage you. If your heart is set on accomplishing something or your passionate about doing something and you see that you have complete favor then go for it! Don't let the words, doubt, questions, thoughts, and worries of others hold you back from walking in your promise and purpose. Even though some people mean well people often unknowingly speak death (failure) because they are focused on the reality and don't understand Philippians 4:13, but you can cancel what they say by speaking life (success) over yourself. You don't have to accept anything less than support, words of encouragement, and success being spoken over your life.

Today my prayer is that we remain free from people's thoughts and their opinions. I pray that we will keep our faith and realize the favor that we have in God. I pray that we will not be easily moved by what people say but instead be moved by what God says. My prayer today is that we remember that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us and that success is attached to our name.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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