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Overlooked But Seen

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Have you ever felt like you've been overlooked? You may be the person with all the hidden talents or even known talents and amongst everyone you seem to never be chosen. Sometimes our fear causes us to be overlooked because we tend to hold back from the things that we are gifted in. Either way I want to encourage you today and let you know that no matter what the situation may be to where you're feeling or it's looking like you're overlooked you are being seen by the ultimate overseer.

I'll tell a little story...I have a few areas where I'm gifted in. There was this one particular gift (singing) that I never really walked in due to me being super shy. Even though I'm not a shy person overall, I don't like to be the center of attention or people staring at me. Due to that I never really did all of the things that I wanted to with music based off the fear of messing up in front of people or people judging. I wasted a lot of time and years in fear. It wasn't until last year when I decided to let go of my fear and really utilize the amazing gift that God has given me. As I began singing again there were times where I felt overlooked amongst my peers. I never compared myself to others but I would wonder to myself and ask God like "okay...I finally let go of my fear, so when are you going to use me God? When are you going to put me in a place where I can make these dreams and desires that I've always had come to life." I felt like everyone else was being seen except for me.

I do want to make clear that I don't do anything for recognition or for show. Everything that I do, I do with the pure intentions to bring Glory to God's name. Let's be real though even though most of us don't do things for attention or for accolades, we still want to be recognized and noticed for our efforts. It is completely normal. Even the humblest of the humble wants to be praised for their hard work and the time we spend cultivating our gifts/talents...etc.

Sometimes being overlooked can often make you feel like you're not valued or good enough in the different things that you very well are gifted in. It may make you second guess yourself, doubt your purpose, or even downplay the blessing that God attached to you. This is where humility, patience, and faith plays a part. Humility is the attitude of how you present yourself that what you show towards those who may be in the forefront of it all. Patience is the content of your actions and thoughts during your waiting season. Faith is believing that God did not make a mistake or overlook you along with everyone else. See what we don't realize is that everything we do takes preparation and in preparation you aren't always seen. God will sometimes hide you from what you really want to show you what it really means to be seen. He will hide you to humble you as well as teach you and show you things you never even knew about where you're eager to go.

One thing that we must remember is that God doesn't give us gifts, talents, visions, ideas, etc. by mistake. He is intentional about everything He does and He always wants the best for His children. We have to submit our desires and timing to God and trust that when the time is right in His eyes He will promote us. Promotion doesn't come from people, qualification doesn't come from people. It comes from God. God sees and knows all. He never overlooks us or forgets what He placed on the inside of us. Sometimes we're not where we want to be because our heart posture isn't right or our attitudes and thoughts aren't right. So if your feeling like your being forgotten or overlooked, first remind yourself that you are never overlooked because God sees you. Second, do some self-reflecting. Check your heart, attitude, and thoughts. Seek God and ask Him what do you need to change or where do you need improvement.

My prayer today is that we are humble during our waiting period. I pray that we never forget that we are never overlooked and that we are always seen by the ultimate overseer. I pray that we seek God with humility in our hearts and that we are open to self-reflection and everything else that comes with the preparation. I pray that we remember promotion and qualification comes from above. I pray that we never forget that we are not forgotten and that when we genuinely do things for the Glory of God we will always be seen by the right people.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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