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Peace & Rest In God

Hey hey hey friends! Happy Saturday! I wanted to share with you all an encounter I had with God recently. As I've been learning to trust in God I've also been learning how to fight tougher for peace and rest in God, when the enemy tries to steal that from me. One morning I decided to fight with all my might and as I was in prayer I simply heard God say to me "I love you". When I tell you I was so overwhelmed with God's love in that moment that I just sat in my car and cried. It's something about experiencing God's presence that just feels overwhelmingly good. In that moment all I could say back was "I love you too God". This came at a time where I wasn't feeling God. A day or so prior I simply told God that I wanted to feel His love and suddenly He did that for me. An experience I won't ever forget.

Not having peace and rest physically is one thing in itself but to not have it spiritually is another thing of its own. As I've been studying lately about God's peace and finding rest in God about everything concerning me, I learned that a big component to that is trusting God and not being in control. Things that I of course already know but sometimes it takes experiencing it in real life for the lesson to really kick in. Not having peace of course is not from God and being uneasy and confused is not of God either. One thing I've been reminded of lately along with everything else is that the enemy has a job to try to steal, kill, and destroy God's children. I can either choose to fight the enemy with the authority God has already given me or I can choose to wallow in despair. I'm realizing that in this day and time I don't have much time to wallow. It's down to me making the conscious decision of choosing to fight with the weapons and the power that I have. I made a few adjustments and instantly I experienced peace and rest in Christ Jesus.

I know a lot of this is me rambling about what I've experienced and learned, but I really sense God saying that this is not the season for wallowing this is the season for fighting. This is the season for standing up and being courageous against the enemy. If the enemy doesn't fight fair why should God's children fight fair and subtle? We have to remember who we are and whose we are. We have to keep in mind that our Father in heaven has already won the victory on our behalf. We are already over comers through Him.

My prayer today is that we do the necessary to experience the fullness of God. I pray that peace and rest will continuously be ours in Jesus' name. I pray that we will use what Christ has given us when He sacrificed and gave His life for us. I pray that we stay vigilant in the time and season that we are currently living in and that in all ways God is glorified by our lives.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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