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Pouring From An Empty Cup

Hi, my name is Ebonee and I have a confession to make....I often pour from an empty cup. I wonder how many people will read this and agree that they too are pouring from an empty cup. I find it amazing how you can habitually do something for so long rather it's intentional or not and one day you just realize after years and years of trying that it's just not working. Not because you think that the method in which you are still walking in will magically change the outcome but simply because you don't really know another way.

I'm learning that certain circumstances and experiences in life can be more impacting on our future than what we think and believe. We become so accustomed and comfortable in our norm that we accept our situations even though we're in desperate need for change. That can be and is extremely draining. It makes all the difference when you begin to evaluate all the areas in your life and you find yourself giving so much of yourself but you don't realize your cup is empty until you're completely dried out.

We can put so much responsibility on ourselves to the point where we are carrying responsibilities that weren't always made for us to carry. We can't pour into others when we have nothing to pour from. What about you? What about filling yourself up. That's something that has become eye opening for me. Realizing that the season I'm in requires a lot of self-care. We have to stop pouring so much of ourselves into people who we want so badly to understand but they won't or they simply can't. Understanding that every season that you go through won't always be for everybody. Learning that overly caring about what people's thoughts, opinions, and reactions or actions is not conducive for you.

If your not full how can you pour? If you're empty when are you re-filling? Who around you is filling you up? What are you doing to fill yourself up? What are you doing to remain full? I want to overflow. I want to be so full that I don't remember how it feels to be empty. That's a new goal of mine.

My prayer today is that we realize when our cup is empty and we take time to re-fill and keep filled. I pray that we learn when to move, when to change scenery and when to care for ourselves in the most effective form.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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