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Prepare for the Season Change

Happy Saturday! I woke up really excited this morning and I don't quite know why, but I can take a slight guess as to the reasoning. Yesterday I shared with my friend about how I could smell the seasons changing. There are times where I've smelled Summer turn into Fall and Winter turn into Spring. Usually when I do which isn't always often by the way, I tend to get excited because it comes with something new. I smell Spring even though right now it seems like we can't get rid of Winter where I'm from lol.

I had a moment of nostalgia that tends to happen when a specific aroma triggers memories, and moments that have been experienced before. In my case the smell brought upon memories that reminded me of times where I felt excited and happy about something that I've been praying for coming my way. As I look back on the past two months and more honestly I've felt often like I was in a waiting season. In that waiting season God kept telling me to prepare. I felt often times as if I didn't know what to do or how to even prepare myself well for the things that God has told me to prepare for. I was waiting, observing, and learning. However something about this week and the start of March in particular so far has been different. Different in a good way.

I noticed that when I began to act on the things that God instructed me to do in the slightest even if I didn't understand or know how that God also started to shift and move things on my behalf. To be honest I haven't seen anything physically happen or even know what is happening, but I feel it and that's truly more than enough to know that God is doing a new thing. This week God has been reminding me that He knows, cares, and understands my heart. He knows, cares, and understands all of my desires. He's reminded me that everything that I'm believing for He has already paved the way for me to experience His blessings and more. With grace has He given me time to prepare for the season change. We sometimes can focus so much on getting to the next phases in our lives that we look over the fact that God is really giving us time to prepare and prepare well. We don't get there as soon and we believe we should because we're not ready. Even though I'm not 100% ready I've been holding myself accountable to get ready so that I don't miss out on what God is preparing for me.

Today I want to challenge you to prepare for Spring. In other words, prepare for what you're believing God for. Take that first step into putting work with your faith, even if it's a small step. Act fully on what God has showed you or spoken to you to do so that you don't miss God in this season or the next.

My prayer today is simply that you prepare and that you prepare well.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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