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Protect Yourself

It's something about having someone in your corner who completely gets you and truly understands you and just showers you with love and acceptance. I remember I used to feel the need vent to anyone who would listen to me. For some reason outside of family I felt at times it was hard for others to connect with me but I could easily connect with others. I can easily relate or adapt to a conversation or situation and this allowed me to be able to be there for others in ways that they needed. I began to noticed that it wasn't the same way for me. I felt like people had a hard time connecting with me and things that I experienced, which I didn't expect for them to but I felt that I had a hard time finding people who I could just vent to and they understood.

It wasn't until I got older that I realized that I never had to share every part of me with people just in order to connect or relate to them. I learned that more when I realized that there are people who truly do envy you or hold some sort of jealousy or resentment to you because of the favor over your life. There are people too who are miserable and like the saying says misery loves company. The more I began to notice that, the more I realized that I became very private and protective over my peace. I was so big on protecting my peace in any way shape or form and I still am to this day. I also became protective over who I allowed to speak over my life and even who I allowed to pray for me. I know you're probably thinking "what does it matter? A prayer is a prayer." The thing is, it does matter.

You have to protect yourself. You have to protect who you allow to speak over and feed into your life. You have to protect your peace at all times. Discernment is so important in this day in time because there are so many wolves in sheep's clothing wondering around waiting on the downfall of those who are covered by God's grace. For me I know I had to become more private, pay attention to people and observe more, and I also had to really think before I spoke about anything. I'm at the place now where I pray or let God guide me to who I should share certain situations in my life with because everyone does not always mean well unfortunately. So the next time you feel lonely, or feel like no one understands, when you feel like you need to vent ask yourself is this person worth venting to? Ask yourself how would this person help me? Do this person really have my best interest at heart? Are they going to direct me to God's word? If the answer is no to any of these question refrain from sharing. This is the number one way you can protect yourself.

My prayer today is that we often protect ourselves and our peace during this time where there is greater deception. I pray that our discernment is increased and that our sense of wisdom and knowledge is enlightened. I pray that we will be able to see and identify the wolves in sheep's clothing and that we will find ourselves surrounded by individuals who have our best interest at heart.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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