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Psalms 51

As I was reading Psalms 51 not too long ago my eyes became opened to something. Psalms 51 talks about repentance. It is the prayer of David in which he said unto God after committing adultery. David asks for mercy and he asks God to cleanse him in every way possible and he's honest with God about his wrong doings. He was humble before God and I believe that set the pace for his future.

After reading this I came to this realization and that is we simply aren't repenting enough. We are not asking God to blot out our sins enough. As believers we are supposed to teach transgressors about repentance so that they can convert their lives to Christ. It's all in understanding. How can we teach something that we don't do ourselves? Think about it. When you have committed a sin do you say a simple "Lord, please forgive me" and go on about your day or do you go before God like David and repent? Do you sit before God and ask for Him to thoroughly cleanse you and create a new heart within you? Are you honest not only with yourself but also with God? It's easy to fall into tradition and get comfortable. When we ask God for forgiveness are we asking to truly be changed or are we taking God's word for granted as a pass because His word says He will always love us and forgive us. We often hear "with an apology should come changed behavior" and as true as that is, it's not always the case. We expect change from others though right?, but do we give God the same energy?

One thing that sticks with me is knowing that God truly knows my heart. He knows all of our hearts so whether you come to him humbly or not at the end of the day God knows what's on the inside of you and that's what He cares about the most. A lot of us don't give God enough credit. He knows that this life isn't the easiest to live. He knew and knows that we will make mistakes and not always make choices that please Him. That's why He sent His Son and that's why He has given us the opportunity to come before Him. We have to remember that God is love. David spoke of it in his prayer. He says "Have mercy upon me, O God, according to Your lovingkindness;..." God does and did what He did out of love. Let us not lose sight of that.

My prayer today is that our heart posture will be like David's in his prayer of repentance. I pray that we will not lose sight of who God is and of His love. I pray that our hearts will be changed as we decide to make changes in our lives. My prayer is that we will be genuine with God and be humble before Him so that we can be in position to help others.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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Yes, true repentance brings change. Create in me a clean heart Lord.

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