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One thing I'm learning is the importance of consistently purifying your mind, body, and spirit. I've realized how also it's easier said than done and how much more difficult it can be when the space or environment around you isn't conducive or helpful to where you're trying to go. When you're mind is overwhelmed it's easy for you to become stuck and for your vision to get foggy. This can also spill over into your physical health and spiritual well being as well.

As I ponder over how much rain we have received in Michigan lately and how annoying it's been, I also thought about the purpose of rain and what it stands for. Rain nurtures, it gives life to things that are dried out or dead, and it also purifies. As water is to the earth God is to us. God purifies us, nurtures us and brings us back to life. His word holds us steady and gives us hope while He's renewing and restoring us. There are many times when we feel stuck or like our back is against a wall, but it's in those very moments where God steps in like a flood and purifies the parts of our lives that are un-purified. I've asked myself how can I be purified by God and I thought well instead of trying to figure it out all for myself why don't I simply ask God where to start. Better yet I can start by pouring myself out to God letting Him know that I'm between a rock and a hard place and would like for Him to open my eyes and guide me out of sinking sand.

I believe that God wants to truly make all things new within us. His word says it and if we believe His word then there's nothing that God can't do or maneuver in our lives. We are so used to trying to fix things for ourselves that we block God from doing what it is that He wants to do. We have to let go of the notion that we know better for our lives than God knows. Once we give God full access and control I believe that He will give us the very things that we need and are looking for.

Today my prayer is that we allow God to purify us like rain. I pray that we move out of God's way and allow Him to move like a flood in our lives so that He can restore and renew the rocky parts of our lives. I pray that we give God total access and control to all things concerning us, so that we can simply sit back and watch God make all things right according to His will for those who trust and believe Him.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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