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Purpose Over Pleasure

How often have we put pleasure over our purpose, especially when we're newly walking in our purpose? It's so easy to give in to the things that makes us feel good in the now instead of giving in to the things that makes us uncomfortable but provides so much meaning to our future. We often find pleasure in things of the world, so often that we lack in trusting that God will provide the same amount of pleasure if not more and exceed our expectations. Your purpose is a part of your calling and what you were created for. So how do we get to a place to where we put our purpose over pleasure? I believe it first comes with accepting your purpose and the journey that comes along with walking in your purpose. It's not always easy walking in your purpose but because you were made for that exact purpose I believe that there's a different endurance on the journey and it makes everything all worth it.

Now when I talk about pleasures I'm not talking about the pleasures of like spending time with family or doing things that makes you happy. I'm talking about the pleasures that makes us unfocused or stagnant. It's hard to die to your flesh but its mandatory that we do it often. Dying to your flesh means turning down or eliminating certain things from our lives that feel good in the moment but ends up always leaving bad results for our lives. For example I have this goal to lose a specific amount of pounds to be a healthier me. My pleasure is sweets, I love my milkshakes, cake, pies, donuts, all of that. I can be doing so good until a craving hits and I am just in need of something sweet. Well in my head I know that I don't need it but it's like I become weak and have to literally force myself *hints: dye to my flesh* not to give in because I know what giving in will look like for my health in the future. That's the same way we have to be with all of the pleasures we deal with or come in contact with in our lives. Maybe your pleasure is a significant other you know serves no purpose in your life anymore but their presence or existence makes you feel good. You'll stop whatever you're doing in life to flow with them. Maybe it's a family member you just can't say no to. Or maybe your pleasure is finishing a whole entire season of a show before you put time and energy into your craft or work. It could be many things, but just know that when we choose our purpose over our pleasures we are in many ways preserving ourselves for the calling, purpose, and plan that God has for our lives.

What are some pleasures that you know distract you, get you off track, and slow you down from walking in your purpose? What are some things you easily give into that makes you feel good but doesn't push you to focus on what it is that you need to do?

My prayer today is that we die to our flesh, to our pleasures that causes us to be stagnant and hinders us from putting our energy into the things that matters the most. I pray that we will grow to become strong willed individuals who are focused. My prayer is that we will experience the benefits of choosing our purpose over pleasure and that we will be rewarded for our diligence and obedience to God.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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