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Self-Discipline Isn't For The Weak

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

I dedicated the month of September to focus on and strengthen my self discipline. I'm pretty disciplined about the things like work and school but when it comes to my lifestyle for example exercising regularly or being mindful about the things I eat I often fail. Starving your flesh is not for the weak especially if you're trying and focusing on growing mentally and spiritually. It often seems that the minute you're focused on being more disciplined in certain areas of your life, that's when you're tempted the most. What's even worse is being the type of person that longs to see results but fails at being diligent in putting in the work required. I often say that I want abs but honey let me tell you, it is truly a struggle for me to work out consistently. I often wonder why is it so easy for me to cut certain things cold turkey and other things I feel like I'm at a boxing match with myself.

The more serious I get about lifestyle changes and just making a few changes in my life in general, I'm learning that having self-discipline is not for the weak. You can't be weak minded. It comes with a lot of failed attempts, starting over, disappointments, perseverance, and the will to reach that goal of change. I believe that the more you truly want something is when you'll work the hardest for it. You may want it bad now but mentally you're not there, and that's completely okay. Things take time and lifelong habits don't just die over night. Sometimes it takes being challenged by others to give you that push that you need. One thing that is a major key to maintaining self-discipline is consistency. The more that you're consistent the more that you will find yourself making decisions that will help you reach your goal.

I plan to challenge myself even more and really push myself to be disciplined in EVERY area of my life not just the areas that require the most from me. I plan to really focus and strengthen my mental state so that I reach every goal that I set for myself.

My prayer today is that we become more consistent and be tougher on ourselves when needed. I pray that we are gentle on ourselves if we fall and that we will never give up on our journey or ourselves.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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1 Comment

The struggle is real. Our flesh is petty.It enjoys comfort, it doesn't want to be challenged.But we have power over our flesh and we don't have to do it in our own strength. Yes we will fall from time to time but we don't give up. Discipline requires training and it's ongoing, you never stop. Remember we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Fight the good fight.💕

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