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Selfish Who?

I came to this realization yesterday that our selfish tendencies tend to have us overlook the good in our situation. We're so focused on being satisfied which when you think about it do you really think we ever reach the true level of satisfaction in life? We are always yearning for more. We strive to continue to level up. With nothing being wrong with that we still focus more on what's next in our lives instead of basking in the present and really appreciating the great things that we have in front of us. For me I'm really ready to have my own space again and sometimes I'm ready to risk it all just to have a space of my own. It wasn't until I was reminded that even though I may not have my idea of my own space YET, I was able to find joy in having my own space period. As a millennial we are pressured to have life figured out and have our own this and that and still live an afloat life before the age of 3o just to experience that the real world is not even set up for that to happen in that manner for everyone. I've often stopped myself when I find myself complaining about things I'm not faithfully being patient for sometimes and I realize that my lack of patience in some way is selfish.

Now don't get me wrong to desire to have your own or to be satisfied in life is not selfish at all, but what I've also realized is that we don't stop to really analyze and think about the possible reason of why we are still in the season that we are in. We're so quick to reach the next chapter in life but we never think to see if we fully fulfilled our purpose in the season we are in now. That's where the selfish part comes in. We have to realize that as much as our happiness, peace, and joy matters. I don't believe that we are just here on earth to live only for ourselves. You may feel stuck in your life or at a place where you don't want to be around people but the position that you're currently in has you around nothing but people. Have you ever stopped to think that maybe God strategically placed you around these people not because you needed them but they needed you?

Everyone has special attributes that can be used in a magnificent way. It's only once we put our selfish mindsets aside for a few moments when we will realize them. Maybe someone needs your bright smile every morning, or simply your presence just to feel like today is worth living through. Maybe they need that warm hug, or talk to make them feel whole. Whether we figure it our or not, what would it be like if we moved so fast through life and moved before our timing. You can easily miss out on where you're supposed to be while being so focused on where you want to go. Of course life is not always about carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders but I do believe a huge part of life is serving and being of service to those around you.

My prayer today is that we live more in the present than in the future. I pray that we really seek our purpose in this present moment. My prayer is that we trust God with our future and live more in the moment.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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