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Stand Firm & Trust God

I thought very hard about what I wanted to talk about this week but I believe that God truly had other plans. I don't have a long drawn out word this week, I have a simple reminder. I want to remind you all that God is faithful and a promise keeper. If God told you something, showed, you something, promised you something just know that He will fulfill His promise. Remember that God is not a man that He can lie. The enemy will try to deceive, confuse, place fear in side of you and have you doubt God but remember to stand firm on God's promises. Trust God in times of uncertainty. What the enemy planned to destroy may God restore and protect. I want to give hope to those who feel hopeless and broken down. God loves us and He wants the best for His children. Remember stand on God's unchangeable word. God is a firm foundation and in Him we are unmovable. Remind God of his promises. Speak His promises in tough times and trust that He will make all things right.

My prayer today is that we truly stand firm and trust God. That we find peace and comfort in the most uncertain times. I pray that God will confirm and give clarity but remind us of His promises in our time of warfare and attack. May God's peace and comfort be with us all.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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