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Temporarily Unavailable

This one is for my givers, the ones who often never say no, and the ones who put their life on pause to serve and help others. How many of you read the first sentence and resonated with the description? Did you say "wow that's me?" So I have a confession....I'm the person I described in the first sentence. See I've always been a giver, a supporter, an "always there when you need me to be" friend, family member, employee, team member, you name it. I stretch myself wide often. It's not that I don't know how to say no; because I very well know how, but I simply just don't. Why? I'm not quite sure. I believe that I'm naturally a server and a giver and I find joy in serving and blessing people.

As I was on my way to work the other morning I thought about how much I give to others and how I often forget about myself. I forget to simply be a giver to myself. I thought about the things I've either neglected (some being assignments from God) or simply paused and have used that time that I could be putting into my assignments to help a lot of other people's dreams come true. When I say that to myself it stings a little honestly. I began to think about my dreams and I feel overwhelmed at how much time I've let pass or even how much energy I lacked in putting towards myself.

A lesson that I'm learning is that it's okay to say "NO" more often than not, especially when you're on an assignment. It's okay to not make it to every function or event and it's okay to step back and go into a silent season. I've noticed for myself that when I'm excessively on the go to the point where I'm overstimulated in my mind it's hard for me to hear from God. When God has work for you to do He needs you to be focused and clear of distractions. Sometimes that means being alone, being away from friends and sometimes family. I know you're probably thinking like "that's boring or lonely" but if you're focused on God it's not as boring or as lonely as you think. What I'm learning is God will isolate you if need be. He'll force you to say "no" more often too.

Today I'm challenging those who have an assignment that you know God is waiting on you to be more focused on and give more of you're time and attention to, to step back from what's pulling you away. Say "no" a little more often and become temporarily unavailable. I promise that if they're truly your friend they will be there when the season is over. I promise that your family will be there to root for you. The ones who love and care for you will understand. Get back focused and don't allow your mind to become so overstimulated. Don't be a "yes" man. God is depending on you to fulfill out that assignment, talent, or gift He's given to you. He chose you for a purpose. Your dreams are waiting for you and your time.

My prayer today is that we put ourselves 1st more often. I pray that we find our focus in God and that we appreciate the season of isolation. I pray that we will use our time more effectively, and that our minds are more sharpened for what God has for us.

With love,

Yours Truly, Eb

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