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The Benefits of Self Validation

Happy Saturday friends! As I took time to reflect on my week and the things that I personally endured this week I had a few moments of clarity. I often like to talk through whatever it is that I'm walking through because that's we're I receive the most clarity and understanding of what's really going on. This week I talked through emotions, thoughts, and stress. There were moments where my mind started to shift to of course things that weren't lovely, just, or pure. However it took me sitting with my thoughts and talking through them where I found peace.

In the clarity I found that I tend to lack self validation in certain areas of my life. I then begin to think of how we naturally do this and then we're taught that in some aspects. When we're young we seek validation from our parents, then as children/teens we tend to seek validation from friends or just people and then as adults we may miss the transition of realizing that we don't live for the validation of others and that when we do we are unfulfilled and unhappy. Why? Simply because as humans we're imperfect. People will fail you.

This reminded me that learning how to build up yourself, self reflect, validate yourself, and continue to grow and be whole in yourself so that when people change, seasons change, and life bring changes you're not feeling incomplete. This is a reminder that no person or thing can make you whole. Wholeness only comes from Jesus. When we begin to shift our perspective in those areas we won't seek for other things to fill the place of lack. We'll then maintain and steward better when we're able to handle what we desire.

My prayer today is that we are whole in Christ. I pray that we validate ourselves and grow in ourselves through Christ. I pray that in this moment and moving forward that we won't lack any good thing and wherever we're feeling empty that God will fill us and sustain us.

With love,

-Yours Truly, Eb

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